Khun Pan 3 (2023)

In the year 1950, the country was affected by the war. Crowds of thieves are still plentiful everywhere. Khun Pan, a police buster who adheres to the correctness, has therefore been called back to perform a mission to hunt down 2 thieves, namely Bandit Mahesuan and Bandit Dam, a magical thief. A strong man who is energetic and challenges the power of the state without anyone ever having access to him. Leading to Khun Phan’s stepping on the tiger again. In the midst of these evil tigers who want to kill And are ready to judge the invulnerable buster with death.

Genre: Action

Director: Kome Kongkiat Komesiri

Actors: Arak Amornsupasiri, Ananda Everingham, Phakhin Khamwilaisak


Runtime: 156



Khun Pan 3 (2023)