12 Chairs (2023)

Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov embark on another journey in search of wealth hidden in one of the twelve antique chairs by an elderly countess during the revolution. The old woman died, having told the secret to her son-in-law. But the absent-minded Hippolyte, aka Kisa, missed the opportunity to redeem the property of a deceased relative, and now he will have to chase all over the country in search of that very chair, in the seat of which untold riches are hidden. Of course, Ostap’s resourcefulness will help them unravel this tangle of mysteries, but they have a serious competitor in the person of Father Fyodor, who is also eager to find the coveted set as soon as possible.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Petr Zelenov

Actors: Dmitriy Nagiev, Philippe Reinhardt, Dmitriy Nazarov


Runtime: 0